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Should an FIV Cat Eat Special Food?

The following is an excerpt from’s FurKeeps Kickoff Ask the Experts Forum.

Cat food for FIV cats


Q: Do you recommend any particular type of food or dietary supplements for FIV+ cats?

A: I don’t have a specific diet or supplement that I recommend, but regular veterinary visits and preventive care are important to keep FIV+ cats healthy.

If they do become sick with even something routine, they may need to be treated differently than FIV-negative cats would (for example, a longer course of antibiotics).

Feeding a good-quality diet, stress reduction, treatment of any other concurrent diseases, and regular monitoring and treatment/prevention for fleas, internal parasites, and heartworm would all be high on my list.

Dr. Stephanie Janeczko D.V.M.
Medical Director
Animal Care & Control of New York City

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