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Happy Tail: Rufio recovers and finds a home


Trevor had been looking for a puppy to adopt for some time, so on his day off, as he browsed on Petfinder, he really didn’t have high expectations of finding one. And then he saw a photo of a brindle-faced American-Staffordshire-Terrier mix that gazed right into Trevor’s eyes and wound his way into his heart.

Isn’t love grand?

Isn’t love grand?

The puppy’s description on Petfinder said he, his mother and 11 other puppies had been found as strays. They were taken in by a veterinary clinic, all suffering from parvovirus. From there it was a hard-fought fight, but this puppy was a survivor. By the time Trevor saw him on Petfinder, he was in a foster home.

Trevor didn’t waste any time; this was the dog he had been waiting for. He contacted the foster home, and within a week, the puppy, now named Rufio, was in his new home.

“As of now, Rufio is 8 months old; he is healthy and strong and has just graduated puppy training school and is on his way to advanced training,” Trevor says. “He enjoys playing with other dogs and loves tug-o’-war.” Trevor and his girl friend have adopted a kitten, Andy, and in so doing, have provided a best friend for Rufio.

With the help of many people, Rufio has made it. He’s home.

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