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Happy Tail: The Difference a Day Makes


the-difference-a-day-makesOne Saturday, Tommy and his fiancé Peter went to walk dogs at Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, NY. “Just for fun and definitely not to adopt a dog,” Tommy told us. The second they locked eyes with Dabbs, they knew they had to bring her home. “It was an unspoken thing. We completely fell in love. It’s almost as if the second we saw her, we couldn’t imagine life without her.” After filling out the shelter’s adoption application, preparing their home and receiving permission from their landlord, the couple brought Dabbs home the very next day.

Tommy and Peter say that Dabbs immediately felt like family – even before she came home. “It’s hard to decide what the best part of having Dabbs is,” they say. “Probably coming home and being greeted by her amazing energy.” She’s also the perfect companion for the couple’s active and busy lifestyle. Weighing in at 40 pounds (a small dog by Pit Bull standards), Dabbs is the perfect size for life in Brooklyn. “I’ve started running more. It’s nice having a little companion running around the neighborhood with me,” says Tommy. “She’s the perfect mascot for our neighborhood and has even started making friends.”

They were worried that bringing a dog home, especially on short notice, would be difficult – that there would be lots of messes to clean up, lessons to teach and emotional problems to navigate. “It was actually easier than we thought,” Tommy says. “She has been nothing but obedient and sweet and actually really loves her crate. She’s super mellow, sweet, and just fits into our family perfectly. For a while she wouldn’t leave our side, but she’s calmed down a bit and totally come into her own.”

The one piece of advice Tommy would give to future adopters? “Practice patience from the get-go. Nothing is ever picture perfect, but in our opinion, Dabbs is pretty much as close as you can get.”

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