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Happy Tail: Petfinder is a matchmaker for Finn


Toby Lubov used to be in the music business and says that when she first heard a potential hit song, she felt it in her soul. That same feeling came over her when she saw a black-and-white puppy listed on Petfinder by San Bernardino [California] City Animal Control.

Finn keeps an eye on what’s going on.

Finn keeps an eye on what’s going on.

She had been dropped off at the shelter with her two siblings with no information about the mother or where the pups were found.

Toby’s daughter, Courtny, went to the shelter and Toby joined her on Skype. “I checked her out over the phone and told Courtny what to look for, to check her hearing, vision and alertness,” Toby says. Everything checked out, and Courtny filled out the adoption forms. She had already fallen for the dog, and when Toby met the dog, now named Finnley B., she did as well.

“I think we were so drawn to Finn because last year our 14-1/2 year-old Australian Shepherd mix passed away,” Toby says. “Berkley was such a lovely, smart dog, and Finn does remind us of her–not only the breed, but the intelligence, coloring and alpha dog personality.” The B. in Finnley B.’s name is for Berkley. They believe Finn is an Australian Shepherd mix.

Next, they introduced the little ball of energy to their dog, Madison. “Finn seems to love Madison, and Madison is very patient but is not enjoying having her face and body nipped,” Toby says. “Finn crawls all over her, and she handles that well. I am hoping that once Finn sheds a bit of her puppy exuberance, they will become ‘besties.'”

She’s smart and after only two weeks with the family, “has learned to sit and await a reward after she relieves herself outdoors,” Toby says. “She is also learning to heel.” But sometimes, she is simply all puppy, scampering about the yard, jumping into bushes and running in circles.

After a busy day, Finn rolls over on her back, pulls her front paws over her eyes and is off to puppy dreamland, perhaps to dream of love, fun and mischief in her new home.

Using Petfinder to find a pet to adopt was a new experience for Toby. A friend introduced her to the site, and on her blog, she likens it to online dating sites, only “way more successful.” In any case, Finn was definitely a great match.

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