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Top five homemade cat toys!


Looking for a holiday gift for your cat? Try a homemade toy! They’re fun to make, fun for your cat to play with, and can even save you a little cash this season (just be sure to supervise play, and always watch out for any accidental ingestion).

Ready to get crafting? Here are five simple ideas to get you started.


1) Crinkly stuffed “mice”

Materials: An old sock, crumpled paper, catnip (optional)

A sock stuffed with crinkled white paper and tied in a knot at the end is simple and easy to make. Your cat will carry it around all day long.


2) Yummy treat dispenser

Materials: One empty plastic soda bottle, scissors (to cut a hole), your cat’s favorite treats

This is a great one if your cats like to ‘look’ or hunt for food. Get an empty soda bottle. (Plastic, of course.) Make a small hole, just big enough for dry food to drop out. Put about a handful inside and screw the cap back on. They love to pat the bottle around and get the rewards!


3) A fun, ever-changing hideaway

Materials: Paper or reusable shopping bags or boxes, catnip (optional)

Whether it is eco-friendly/reusable bags or paper, cut a few holes, and let your cats roll, play and lie all over the bags. This also works great with empty boxes.


4) A durable, rolling “mouse”

Materials: A used, threadless spool and a shoelace (cut to size)

Combine a leather shoelace and a threadless spool to create a mouse-like toy. Your cat will carry her prey around by the leather tail and play with it for hours.


5) A lightning-fast hockey puck or speed racer

Materials: Ping pong balls or ice cubes and your bathtub

Try ping pong balls in the tub as cat hockey pucks. This also works with ice cubes — and using them in the tub ensures that no humans slip on melted water.


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