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Navigate the Dog Park safely and have fun!


Is your dog the humper of your local dog park?  Or perhaps he’s on the receiving end of some unwanted “attention”?  There is a great new iPhone app just released to help you – and your dog – navigate the dog park.  Some dog behaviors are subtle or can even seem like play, but are really warning signs for potential problems that can escalate quickly.

Dog Park Assistant

Dog Park Assistant

The Dog Park Assistant is available on iTunesfor only $0.99 and allows you to identify your dog’s individual play styles and then learn how to match him with the most compatible playmates at the dog park. Create a profile for your dog and receive personalized training tips while you’re at the park.

The app is easy to use and has a ‘red alert’ section to help you identify and stop troubling behavior before it turns dangerous.  Also in the app:

– Extensive video library of dog behaviors, aggression and play
– Ability to create profiles for your own dog and match him with suitable playmates to avoid risky or dangerous interactions
– Film your own dog and send it in for a personalized behavior analysis
– Training tips for teaching your dog to come when called, even when he doesn’t want to

The app’s creator, Sue Sternberg, has been our most dedicated speaker at Petfinder’s Adoption Options seminar series and creator of Train to Adopt, helping shelters and rescue groups provide mental enrichment for the dogs in their care.  I have seen her transform unruly hyper dogs into sitting angels in a matter of minutes.

This app is like having Sue in my pocket to help ensure my dog stays safe when visiting the dog park.  I encourage all other dog park visitors to download Dog Park Assistant to make the dog park a fun, safe experience and to learn more about the behaviors our dogs exhibit.


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