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Do you dread taking your cat to the vet?


Do you dread taking your cat to the vet? That’s what we asked last month in our newsletter in anticipation of Take Your Cat to the Vet Week, August 18-25. Here’s what you said:

Take your cat to the vet week


Kathy figures she’s going to lose her hearing because of the horrible sounds emanating from the cat carrier. Others remarked on their normally-docile pets turning into whirling dervishes, complete with hissing, screaming and growling.

“My Gizmo,” says Wanda, “turns into Cujo — hissing, scratching, growling and biting. Nobody can get near him. He has bitten two vets. Now he has to be sedated to be examined.” Yep, we can understand why Wanda dreads those visits. Frankly, I myself sometimes feel like growling at the doctor’s office; cats, in their usual independent fashion, just aren’t inhibited about expressing themselves.

After the jump: More vet horror stories and tips for making your trips to the vet easier!

Natalie has a unique perspective on vet visits. She dreads them because she’s afraid something will be seriously wrong with her cat. “I even start to get weepy,” she says.

Many of you mentioned the bodily fluids (and I’ll leave it at that less-than-graphic description) that accompany the car ride. Not pleasant. Celeste mentioned that her cat, Dr. Jones, “blows his coat like a dandelion,” leaving everyone looking like a furball.

And how is it that a four-legged creature suddenly turns into an octopus when you try to get him into a carrier?

Carolyn brought up another reason for dread. She says it’s too expensive. Expensive perhaps, but Mandy, who is a vet tech at a feline-exclusive practice, reminds us that “a couple hundred dollars a year can prevent a several thousand dollar bill to save your cat’s life, if we can catch disease process before it becomes a crisis.”

Good point, Mandy, so if you readers haven’t already done so this year, make an appointment for your cat’s check-up. Read on for tips for making vet trips easier and getting the most out of every visit, including:

Then take heart: you won’t have to go through the ordeal for another year.

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