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Lost-Pet Reunions: Spark got out on the 4th of July


Here’s another great lost-dog reunion story from our partner HomeAgain. You can help lost pets get home again: Sign up to receive lost pet alerts when a dog or cat goes missing in your area.


Spark disappeared on July 4th.

Spark got out on the 4th of July — by Jennifer in Austin, TX
On the 4th of July, our dog, Spark, got out and took off running. We searched for him for hours and hours. I was worried because his tag was still our old address and phone number, but I had updated our information on the HomeAgain website.

We continued to go out searching for him in the evening, night and the
next morning. Later that following morning we received a call from a vet
not too far from us. Someone had found Spark and brought him in. They
scanned his microchip and called us immediately! We were able to get our
dog back within the hour!

What a blessing it was that we had him microchipped! I don’t think we would have gotten him back or found him without it.

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