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Lost-Pet Reunions: A cat’s microchip saves his life!


Here’s another great lost-cat reunion story from our partner HomeAgain. You can help lost pets get home again: Sign up to receive lost pet alerts when a dog or cat goes missing in your area.



Animal control thought Leo was a feral cat — from Jennifer in Dixon, CA
Leo had been missing for 10 days when I got a call from the local animal control saying they had him there.

When I got there I found out someone had trapped him and thought he was a feral cat. Animal control deemed him untouchable so they did not scan him for a microchip. So he sat there in a feral cat trap for seven days.

After the seven-day holding period, they took him out to euthanize him but are required to scan all pets before doing so. Thank goodness! The first words the animal control officer said to me were, “You know that microchip saved your cat’s life.”

Thank you, HomeAgain. Without you I may have never seen my beloved Leo again.

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