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Here’s What You Said: Is your pet a matchmaker?


Last month we asked our newsletter readers and Facebook friends if your pets had brought you together with important people in your lives. One reader, who had been single for more than 18 years, met her
husband-to-be when he came to her house to adopt a cat she was
fostering. They’ve now been married for 10 years.



Karin writes that she’d had high hopes about meeting a significant other
through her dog, “but I didn’t think it through very well. I need a
manlier dog, because my little Beagle mix attracts mostly kids and old
people.” Still, you never know when a Beagle-lover will come along!

John M. says Leo gets all the ladies, and Eden’s pug always brings “cool new people” into her life. Maritza took her dog, Allie, to a groomer and now the groomer is one of Maritza’s best friends.

Anna’s dog, Dude, visited the dog park when they were new in town and met some great people there. “All of those friends came through in a crisis and have been there when I need people most,” Anna writes.

Crystal says her Rottweiler, Dozer, hated everyone she tried to date
until she brought home Bruce. Dozer “went right to him, sat down and
kissed him,” Crystal says. “I guess Bruce was his pick. We’ve been
together two years now!”

Jen’s Great Dane, Bono, brought her and her husband together. “Doug was
our dog trainer,” Jen says. “We got married on 11-11-11. Bono was our Cupid.” Now that’s a great Valentine’s Day ending!

Thanks for all your responses.
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