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Here’s What You Said: Why do you volunteer with homeless pets?


In our October newsletter, we asked those of you who volunteer with shelters or rescue groups what’s so special about helping adoptable pets.


Jack, at Animal Care & Control in NYC, loves his volunteer walkers.

Mary volunteers her grooming services at the city shelter and the humane society and also fosters dogs at her home. “It is a perfect way for me to give back to the community, to help the hardworking people who staff the clinics and kennels and to give love and care to homeless and needy shelter dogs.”

Kathy began volunteering as a foster parent for kittens at her local shelter after her 11-year-old dog died. “I was seeking solace,” she says. “If we give back by fostering or adopting, we have made the world a better place.”

Marcia, who was herself adopted and much loved by her adoptive parents, has paid it forward by adopting pets. One relative commented that Marcia loved her pets more than her friends and family. She agreed, noting that her pets love her unconditionally and “have never given me cause for grief as my relatives and friends have.”

Darla helps transport dogs a couple of times a month or more, helping
take pets from a shelter to a rescue group or foster home. “It’s very
rewarding to know I’ve played a small role in saving a dog from being
euthanized and helped get him to a rescue group that will be focused on
finding him a new furever home.”

Mary Anne gave a shout-out to
Tabby’s Place in Ringoes, N.J., “I love seeing all my faves whenever I am
there on Fridays,” she says, but the real reward is “when I see they
have been adopted into loving forever homes.”

Kathy and Eric sum
up what many of you said: “Shelter pets return your love a
hundredfold, and you will never be sorry.” Well said.

Thanks to
those of you who responded to our newsletter question. Check out next
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