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Lost-Pet Reunions: Oscar was found


Here’s another great found-pet reunion story from our partner, HomeAgain — this one in honor of Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month.

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Oscar spent nine days in the cold and snow before coming home.

Oscar got out, but didn’t go far – from Kelly in Mansfield, MA
My indoor cat Oscar accidentally got out one cold night in February. Because it was nighttime and Oscar sometimes finds unusual places to sleep for the night, we did not notice he was gone until the morning.

The night he left it was snowing out and very cold. When we realized he had gotten out, I started my search. I went to neighbors’ houses and walked around calling his name. No luck; it was like he had just disappeared. Then I remembered he had been microchipped!

I called HomeAgain and they got the word out that he was missing. They also suggested putting up posters, which I did. Five days later, I got a call from HomeAgain. Someone had spotted Oscar.

It turns out he was right across the street in a neighbor’s shed. I was so relieved to get that call and know that he was okay.

Although I knew where he was, catching him was another story! He was so scared, when approached, he took off and hid. We even went and got a humane animal trap to try to get him. But, in the end, after nine days in the cold and snow, Oscar broke cover and came home — we had left a window open in our indoor porch for him.

I heard him meowing, opened the porch door and in came Oscar. He ran right to his food and has been doing great!

I am very grateful to HomeAgain and the nice neighbor that found Oscar. The man who found Oscar was so helpful, and did everything he could to try to help us get Oscar home. My family and I are so happy to have Oscar back with us.

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