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Lost-Pet Reunions: Lost cat – old microchip info



Perdita was chipped — 11 years ago — but her family had since moved.

Here’s another great found-pet reunion story from our partner, HomeAgain.

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Perdita’s Chip Info Outdated – From Jackie, Cary, NC

Perdita was gone for a month. We posted signs, ran ads, everything. She was chipped, but because she got the chip almost 11 years ago I could not even remember anything about it.

I asked the shelter whom to call and they said, “HomeAgain.” HomeAgain updated Perdita’s microchip information with our address and phone number and sent an alert to all vets and shelters in the area.

Today, almost a month later, a vet called from miles away. They had Perdita. She had lost her collar and tags. A family was bringing her in for shots since they could not find her owner. The vet scanned her and and found that the information on her chip matched the alert.

Now, we are reunited. Without HomeAgain, she would have been gone forever. Even almost 11 years later, their system worked perfectly! Thank you, Home Again!

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