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Happy Tail: Four guinea pigs brighten a new home



Sarah thought two guinea pigs were enough — but a trip to the rescue group proved her wrong.

Today is Help Petfinder Adopt the Internet Day — a day devoted to helping spread the word about pet adoption. Today we’ll be featuring three new blog posts highlighting pet adoption in different ways. First up, the story of four little piggies.

Mealtime is a treat for Penny, Shyla, Nim and Jackson. When they see
someone coming with their food, they wheek with delight. These four
guinea pigs were lucky to find a family willing to take on a little herd
of piggies so they all found a home together.

“After our beloved dog had died due to cancer, our family decided we
wanted another pet in our home, but were not ready to commit to another
dog,” says Sarah Cornelius, the mother of the family, which lives in
Whitby, ON.

After meeting some guinea pigs at a friend’s, the family put cavies,
another name for these lovable rodents, at the top of their list. “We
didn’t want to buy from a pet store,” Sarah says. “We wanted to save
the lives of those that needed a second chance.” Through the magic of
the Internet and, they found Piggles
Guinea Pig Rescue
, a small, home-based animal-welfare organization
in Ontario.

“When I visited the shelter, the two I had seen online through
Petfinder were more beautiful than I imagined,” Sarah says. “They had
been given up due to their previous owner’s allergies.” Two others,
however, caught her eye, and when she learned they had been at the
rescue for nine months, she decided she couldn’t leave them behind.

Sarah says they have brightened up the house with their distinct
personalities. “Jackson is playful, adventurous and my daughter’s
favorite. Penny is gentle, loves her food and loves to give kisses — we
call her ‘Licky Lick.’ Shyla is the boss of the herd (she is not shy
anymore!), and my son’s favorite. Nim is noisy but cute and she gets
along really well with Jackson. The kids arranged a ‘marriage.'” There
will be no offspring, however, because Jackson has been neutered.

“I am so happy that there are sites like Petfinder that match needy
animals with loving homes,” Sarah says. “I hope one day, there will
never be a need for shelters because all animals will get the love and
care they so richly deserve.”

March is Adopt-A-Rescued-Guinea-Pig Month, a perfect time to learn
more about these friendly pets.

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