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Happy Tail: February Is Adopt-A-Rescued-Rabbit Month



Mr. Spots‘ adoptive mom, Summer, had never had a rabbit before him.

Summer Brennan of Brooklyn, NY, didn’t know much about rabbits, and
she thought they always needed to live in a hutch or a cage.

Still, she wanted a pet and, since she was allergic to cats, thought a rabbit might be a good alternative.

Seeing on Petfinder that Animal
Care and Control of NYC
had rabbits for adoption, she
went to the shelter to check them out.

Though she was “just looking”
that day,
when she saw Mr. Spots, she knew she wanted to give rabbit
adoption a try.

That was four years ago, and she
has learned a lot about house rabbits since then — for one thing, they don’t need to stay in a cage all day. “Because Mr. Spots dutifully uses his cage as a litter box and for eating, it is
always open and he roams freely in the apartment,” she says, “rather like a very
lazy cat who won’t jump up on things, or a very small, very cute fur

Though independent, Mr. Spots shows affection, “especially if he
can sense you are sad,” she says. She takes him on a leash to the park,
“where he loves getting attention from children.” Mr.
Spots has turned out to be the perfect apartment pet.

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