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Happy Tail: Pet parent helps dog overcome nightmare


Cracker’s story reads like a nightmare. One July, some children attached firecrackers to him and set them off. They then ran off and left him for dead.

Fortunately, a Good Samaritan found the young Poodle and took him to a shelter, where he received emergency care. As he began to recover, he went into a foster home through Oklahoma Orphaned Poodle Services and was listed for adoption on Petfinder, where Kristi Green-Owens of Tulsa saw his story.

Crackers Owens

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“When we met Crackers,” she said, “we fell in love with him. He came up to me, he let me play with him, brush him, and give him cookies. I asked him if he wanted to come home with me. He told me yes, he did.”

His foster mom “was truly a saint,” Kristi added. “She took him to the vet, she took him to the groomer, she took him to obedience classes and helped him become a social dog.”

Nevertheless, he still suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and, understandably, didn’t like to be around children or loud noises. Strangers frightened him, so Kristi put him into a crate when people arrived, giving him time to feel safe before she let him out.

“We love Crackers,” Kristi said, ” and he returns that love tenfold. Please don’t say no to a special needs dog. They require extra love. If you have extra love to share, share it with your pet.”

Through adoption, Cracker’s life turned into a good dream.

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