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Happy Tail: A Pit Bull whose time almost ran out



Read Ziggy’s adoption story in his mom’s own words.

It was a Monday evening, and Ziggy’s time was just about up at
Evansville Vanderburgh Animal Care and Control, an open admission
shelter in Indiana. No one had stepped forward to adopt the Pit

Five and a half hours away in Cincinnati, Lindsey Murphy and her
husband recognized the urgency of his story when they saw Ziggy on
Petfinder. Lindsey’s own Pittie had died a few weeks earlier, and
since his death, she had made it her mission to watch Petfinder for
Pit Bulls in need. When she saw one, she would alert other Pit lovers
via forums and message boards, hoping to save lives.

But Ziggy’s case was an emergency. Lindsey had cross-posted his listing, but by Monday at 11 p.m., no one had responded. On Tuesday morning, a tearful Lindsey was still holding out hope when her husband revealed that he’d been speaking with
the shelter about adopting Ziggy. “Although the tears came on harder,”
Lindsey says, “they were tears of happiness.”

Volunteers from the shelter met the Murphys halfway between
Cincinnati and Evansville, and Ziggy was on his way to a new home. “It
just happened to be our three-year wedding anniversary that next day,”
Lindsey says, “and it was the best gift we could have given each other.”

The Murphys “gift” had other consequences as well — good ones. Ziggy’s
adoption has inspired several of their friends to adopt pets, too.

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