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Happy Tail: Meet Sarge, the Wonder Pit Bull!



Read Sarge’s adoption story in his mom’s own words.

Sarge is a great spokesdog for a much maligned and misunderstood breed, according to Leslie Cochran of Leesburg, Fla. 

She took care of the one-year-old Pit Bull while her boyfriend, who had adopted Sarge after he was listed on Petfinder by the SPCA of Central Florida, was recuperating from back surgery.  

“I took him for daily walks around the neighborhood,” Leslie says, “and Sarge met many friends along the way. I also took him for lots of car rides, and Sarge ended up with friends everywhere we went.”

Leslie also credits Sarge with keeping her senior dog, Chevy Louise, who had been diagnosed with cancer, active during a difficult time. “Chevy Louise has been more playful and energetic with Sarge around,” she says.

Sarge the Wonderdog is what Leslie and her boyfriend playfully call him, but that’s just their way of saying “wonderful.”

Petfinder created Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week to highlight those pets who might otherwise be overlooked: breeds that are discriminated against, e.g., Pit Bulls like Sarge; special-needs pets; senior ones; and big black dogs. This year the celebration is Sept. 19-25. 

Chevy Louise lost her battle with cancer on Sept. 13. Our condolences to her mom, Leslie.

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