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Louie’s Legacy represents Petfinder on The Early Show



Emily Gear from Louie’s Legacy recently appeared on The Early Show with six adoptable pets.

On Thanksgiving morning television viewers placed their holiday dinner in the oven and settled down to watch The Early Show and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on CBS.

Bruce Greenwood, star of the the Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation of A Dog Named Christmas, shared the movie’s animal welfare theme with Early Show host Harry Smith.

In the studio wings, fosters and foster pets from Petfinder member rescue Louie’s Legacy waited to champion Petfinder’s Foster A Lonely Pet for the Holidays program in connection with A Dog Named Christmas, which aired on November 29.

(You can view a clip of the Early Show segment here.)

Earlier that week, Emily Gear of Louie’s Legacy called her foster homes in the rescue’s three active states (Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania) to coordinate foster parents willing to give up Thanksgiving morning to travel to the heart of New York City. And we’re very glad she did!

Emily’s work paid off as she and her fosterers stood under CBS’s
bright studio lights with six of the group’s adoptable pets while she
explained how vital foster homes are to adoption organizations. This
dedicated team represented the 13,000 adoption organizations on
Petfinder and thousands of homeless pets waiting for a loving foster
(or forever) home this holiday season.

The active participation of Petfinder member groups in media events
is essential to connect viewers with the organizations who rescue,
shelter, care for, and find homes for hundreds of thousands of homeless

Viewers don’t want to just hear about homeless pets. They want to see them.
The success of Petfinder itself rests on those beautiful and hopeful
eyes peering from thousands of pets in our search engine.

Each year Petfinder shelters and adoption groups actively step
forward whenever Petfinder asks them by bringing their pets to TV
studios, radio shows, pet expos, book signings, and a number of other
media opportunities.

Whether visible for a moment or an hour, the participation of those
four-legged or winged representatives makes the issue of homeless pets
real to millions of viewers.

So next time you enjoy a television, radio, or web-based segment
involving an animal shelter or adoption group, keep an ear open to note
the name of the organization. Then take the time to look them up on our
Animal Welfare Organization search on Petfinder and thank them for
representing homeless pets everywhere.

Hats off to Louie’s Legacy and the many Petfinder member groups who assisted us in 2009!


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