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What’s That Mutt: The results are in!


gail's dog puppy.jpg

Gail’s dog Skylar as a puppy

Thanks for everyone’s great guesses on the heritage of my mixed-breed dog, Skylar! I also thought what many of you did — that she had some Golden Retriever and the rest was probably Sheltie and/or Border Collie. But I was wrong on all counts!

When you get your results back from the Canine Heritage Breed
, you get a great-looking certificate and a breed composition analysis with three categories. The first is primary. You
probably won’t have an entry in this category unless your dog has one purebred
parent. Obviously my puppy had no listing here!

The next is
secondary, for breeds that have a strong influence on your dog’s DNA. No luck here
either. But in the third category, “In the Mix,” we did well — Skylar had five breeds
listed! This is for identifiable breeds (they test for more than
100) that each have a small presence. In other words, no one
in Skylar’s recent ancestry had any kind of committed same-breed relationship. Get the results after the jump!

brittany spaniel photo.jpg

So the results are: English Coonhound,
Beagle, German Shepherd Dog, Brittany
and English Setter! I can definitely see the Brittany in her. As for the others — well, you tell me, do you see them in there somewhere?

I had also looked at Nova Scotia Duck Tolling
and, since according to the AKC, no one is exactly sure what breeds went
together to make up Tollers (but probably spaniel and setter types), she could
be close to that breed as well.

Of course, if you love your dog, I don’t think it matters what she’s made of, but finding out was a lot of fun and I definitely recommend it for anyone else who has a
puzzle dog.

Next up: Kathryn, another person in our office, has a pit bull
mix. You can see the pit, but have you ever wondered what the mix is? Well,
Kathryn knows and will be posting a picture of her Bodie for you to try your
breed-guessing skills again. Good luck!

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