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Happy Tail: The rock-star cat who looks like a polar bear


Lisa Marie from Sarasota, FL, sends this Happy Tail:

white cat photo.JPGOn Thanksgiving Day 2007, my beloved 16-year-old Siamese cat Simon had to be euthanized for renal failure. This was devastating to me.

The following Monday my co-workers urged me to check, not in the view of replacing Simon, but in giving another cat a much-needed home.

The very first picture I clicked onto was a wonderful fluffy white cat with a goofy crooked tail named Jack, who was residing at the Humane Society of Sarasota County.

My very understanding co-workers insisted I leave work and drive to the shelter to adopt him right after seeing him online. I fell in love with him the second they brought him out of his cage to meet me.

I drove him to my work at Longboat Key, about 10 miles away, and the second he was released from the carton, he strutted around as if he owned the office, jumping on various desks and demanding attention. Everyone instantly fell in love with the little guy.

My husband had not wanted another cat, but the second Jack came out of
his carton, looking like a goofy little roly-poly polar bear, he was
enchanted. Jack immediately let my other cat, Napoleon, know that he
was the supreme ruler of the house. He has been a source of joy to my
entire family; due to his royal status, he has been re-christened “Rock
Star Jack” (basically, we’re all just around to serve his needs).

obviously came from a very loving environment to the shelter, as he is
the most pampered beast I have ever seen. He’s family now, and I want
to thank you folks for all the good things you do. I only wish I could
adopt them all. On that note, we are buying a house within the next few
months and my husband wants to adopt a dog, so I am sure I will visit
Petfinder again soon!

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