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Happy Tail: A deformed kitten gets a happy ending


I mentioned in an earlier post about how wonderful adopters are. Here’s a Happy Tail we received recently (it’s in the Happy Tail database) that proves what I said and just makes me teary-eyed. It’s from Anne at MSPCA Cape Cod.

cute kitten

I used to work In a small animal shelter in
Massachusetts. At the height of “kitten season,” a woman brought in a
severely deformed kitten she had found wandering loose downtown. The
kitten, whom I named Molly, had one side of her face very pushed in
and was missing one eye.

Despite her ugly face, she was very sweet and
outgoing, snuggling into the arms of her rescuer, happy to be inside,
warm and fed. No one was sure what had caused her deformity, but the
shelter vet believed it happened in utero, perhaps because the mother
cat was kicked or physically abused.

Molly had presumably been left to
wander the streets because her original owners didn’t think anyone
would want to buy or take her. Though we could all see how sweet Molly
was, we feared she would never be adopted — most adopters don’t want a
kitten who looks different or may have special needs. Watching Molly
play in her cage, as happy and carefree as any other kitten, we knew we
couldn’t give up on this little girl. We decided to take a chance on
Molly and put her on Petfinder.

After a few weeks,
we were surprised and delighted to receive a phone call from a young
couple who had seen Molly on your Web site and had read her story. They
knew she needed their help and drove over an hour to come visit her.
All the shelter employees waited anxiously as the couple met Molly, but
it was soon obvious that she had worked her charm on them. They took
her home the same day!

Without the help of
Petfinder, Molly may never have found a home. Petfinder gives hope to
the caretakers of animals who, though they may not be perfect, still
need the same love and devotion as any other pet.

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