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Adopted from Animal Alliance, Lambertville, NJ.

Amy was abandoned in a House in Philadelphia. I had recently lost my dog Angel to illness at 14 years old (rescued from Petfinder as well). I was feeling very lost and was scrolling through homeless dogs and I found a beige looking dog with sad eyes. I clicked, scrolled and typed to meet her. Within a few days, after having my references checked, we set up a meeting. Her given name was Waverly, and upon meeting, she did not look like I expected. They had to shave her down as her fur was matted and she had not been groomed or bathed in a long time. She was nervous but gentle, and I was hit with grief from losing my last dog and the rescue people were spot on. They told me to take her, to "foster" her and see how it goes. The next day, "Waverly" had gotten VERY attached to me. She had to know where I was, got upset and whined if she could not see me. I realized that this squirmy sort of bald dog should not get sent back; she needed to be treated well and cared for rather then left to die in an empty house. Her new name is Amy because for a new life, we should have a new name.... After a while she became calmer, happier and just a wonderful dog. Her hair grew in and now she is as beautiful on the outside as on the inside. ...

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