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Miss Tuxedo - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Cat

Adopted from homeless cat.

Roza and Ms. Tuxedo met at a cemetery where Roza’s fiancé, Rich, was buried. The little feral cat turned up out of the blue at Rich’s grave where Roza went every day. Roza was overcome with grief but took comfort in her feline visitor. At first she couldn’t pet the cat but then one day she touched the top of Tux’s head and the cat pushed her head into Roza’s hand and lifted her front paw in a curtsy. Soon Ms Tux was all over Roza, snuggling close into her neck and falling asleep in her lap. The little cat moved into the

gravesite, eating under the bench marked “Roza and Rich” and sleeping under the lavender that Roza planted there. She would wait for Roza every day. And Roza would go to the cemetery even in the rain. She wore a big raincoat and would tuck Ms Tux under her coat for hours. Ten years passed during which Roza fell ill and lost her apartment. She wanted to take the cat but was in and out of motels that didn’t allow pets. Roza couldn’t come as often but still Ms Tuxedo waited at the grave for her. Things took an ugly turn when the foreman of the cemetery chased Ms Tuxedo away. She took refuge on top of a shed where she would watch for Roza. The stress of being separated from Roza and hiding from the foreman took its toll on Ms Tux. After months of living on top of the shed she developed a tumor on her nose where her white markings were vulnerable to the sun. By then Roza got the good news that her application for affordable housing was approved and she could move into her new apartment. The first thing she did was to rescue Ms Tux from the cemetery. But she got the bad news that the cat had cancer on her nose. Luckily it hadn’t spread but she would need radiation treatments to save her life. The cost is over $8000 and Roza can’t afford it. What a sad twist of fate that just when the two can finally be together Tux’s cancer will cut it short. In the time they have left Ms Tux has settled into domestic living like she has been a housecat all her life. She clings as close to Roza as she can---and Roza hugs her back

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