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Sofia - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from North Shore Animal League.

After 3 trips to North Shore Animal league we couldn't find her. We wanted to find the perfect puppy. It was cold, all early mornings in December. After my family's last dog passed away when I was very little, its been over 10 years since we had a dog in the house, just cats. But one morning after looking for young puppies all along the isles of cages I still found nothing. So I walked along the cages of the larger dogs and leaned against one and slouched down to the floor very upset. All the puppies were being adopted fast for Christmas and I didn't think I would ever find one perfect for me and all of us. Then all of a sudden I felt nibbling on my wallet in the back of my pants and the dog behind me was trying to take it out of my pocket. When I turned around the dog let go, swiftly lied on her back and cocked her head to the side. She was super cute. Had one ear that flopped over and one straight up. She was a larger 6 month old black pup that was half Doberman and half Dutch shepherd they thought. She just looked t me and I said can I see her? They shelter employee gave me her leash and she jumped on me and licked my face as soon as the cage door was open. I looked at her folder and saw her name..Sofia. I knew then she was my new best friend. Sept on me on the car ride home and spent Christmas with us, even though she tried to eat the stuffed Santa under our tree.

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