Lady Melody Rose, CG - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from Pet Matchmaker Rescue, Bakersfield, CA.

From Stray to CGC

You don't see many purebred shelties on Petfinder, but I did. Little black tri Melody was a stray at Kern County Animal Control at a time when they had 700 dogs and had to move their shelter. Thankfully, Pet Matchmaker Rescue CA saw her potential and pulled her. I had adopted another dog from them (Shay) 3 years ago and jumped at the chance to take home this little baby doll. The first thing I discovered is that she spoke ONLY Spanish. She was well-trained, but in Spanish. During our basic obedience class, we learned all our commands in English. We went on through 2 Intermediate classes. We even dabbled in Agility. Melody is still a little timid of strangers and my vet assures me she was a breeder, but she is a perfect dog in the home and gave me her heart immediately. She has worked very hard for me and passed the CGC test this May of 2014. I couldn't be prouder. This little girl went from a stray on the streets of Bakerfield, hit the jackpot out of an overcrowded Animal Control, and has now become Lady Melody Rose, CGC. We have much more of life to experience, but she is indeed a happy tail. Thank you Petfinder and thank you Petmatchmaker Rescue CA.

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