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Adopted from Rescued Paws, Longview, WA.

I have had Abby for about a year and a half now and the affects of her more than likely coming from a puppy mill are still very apparent and we recently rescued 16 dogs from a breeder in rescue I almost broke. Abby came from California from an [open admission shelter] where she had been more than likely hit by a car. She had staples in her left back leg and they had to be removed. She also had been pregnant multiple times. When I saw her picture even before she came I almost cried because she was covered in mats. After coming here she spent the night at a groomers house who works with paws, and she was shaved. When we picked her up the next morning at Petco I couldn't even sleep the night before. She was just to be a foster. She came to the name I had picked out for her instantly. She loved her name, Abby. It didn't take long before I was Abby's whole world and she was just my foster dog then. All though she had been through so much she bounced right back, it didn't seem to bother her one bit what had happened in her past was gone and only the present and the future mattered to her. She went with me to Petco every weekend we didn't realize that she was the perfect dog for our family. Finally when we decided that we wanted Abby I went in to adopt her. There were so many other people that wanted her and she had to go home with one of the head board members so that she could go and be spayed. I missed her so much and she also had shown us one of her tricks. she knew how to roll down the electric car windows. We had decided that we wanted her and so many other people wanted her we didn't get first come first serve despite the fact that she had chosen us and we were her foster parents. But then something amazing happened they brought her back to us I didn't even know but that day at Petco I cried when they said she was ours and she jumped into my arms and everyone else cried when I got home and they saw her. Although there are so many lasting affects from her previous life that I think she would have come back every time. Such as she doesn't take time to get to know anyone she just wants to be in your face right away, She whines when I leave and when I get home, she is sometimes scared of her dry food if you take it out of the bowl and set it in front of her she will either bury it or run away from it, she also jumps at the TV if anything is on it that she doesn't like. Working with her was so hard and almost and absolute nightmare until now she goes nuts and turns into a bucking bronco when we get her ready for walks. Not everyone could deal with her issues and being a dog that most likely lived with either a hoarder for the first 3 years of her life or coming from a puppy mill and then living on the streets until animal control picked her up there will be some affects from all that and they will never go away. Not everyone realizes what goes into working with a rescue dog even after adopting it. Abby still tries to dig through the trash and she still is a non-stop eater which I mean she still thinks if she doesn't wolf down her food she is going to starve to death. But she is a great little dog and I am happy she chose me as her person. So I guess what I am saying is that Abby had me at woof!

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