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Adopted from Teacher's Pet Rescue, Coudersport, PA.

Two years ago I was feeling extremely lonely because my fiance was working out of state for long periods of time and I felt vulnerable, too, because we live in an old trailer near a town that has quite a few bad types of people in it. I have a young son named William and wanted some protection and companionship, so we thought a dog would do because we have a giant yard. But I couldn't just go get a dog out of the paper someone was selling; I wanted to adopt one to save him/her, so I got on Petfinder and searched every couple of days. I love large dogs, but my fiance was not so sure because he has only ever had beagles. But when I was growing up my family always had medium to large breeds. I fell in love with the Great Dane breed, so I was looking at the Danes and found this black Dane mix whose face just tore my heart out when I saw how skinny he was. I got in touch with Teacher's Pet Rescue in Coudersport, PA, to have a meeting with the dog whose name was William, the same as my son, and as soon as they brought him out he was just so happy that someone came to see him. The picture of him looked better than the real thing because he was just a bag of bones from being on the run and not getting enough food. The rescue had just got him and was trying hard to get his weight back up, but he had severe diarrhea and the efforts weren't helping yet. But I said I have to have him. We obviously had to change his name because my son's name was William, so we thought of the man in black, Johnny Cash, and named him Cash. We took him straight to our vet, and he had a good bill of health except his weight, so we got him on a high protein food with no grain and that's all it took. He has an allergy to grain, which was giving him the diarrhea. His diarrhea got better after two weeks then he really started putting the weight on and looked perfect in no time. He immediately clung to me for direction because he wouldn't listen to anyone but me for a while and he would be right at my side whether I was sitting or doing stuff. Now he is the perfect dog. Besides a few rules that need worked on, he listens excellently and is learning more all the time. We got another puppy for my son, and Cash loves his little Jack Russell sister named Daisey, and they play and are so corny together its amazing. He takes off running, and she runs right with him and he keeps her going to get her energy level down even though he is pooped. After about 15 minutes, he takes a break then grabs a toy and takes it to her to play tug of war. With everything that he has been through, being thrown away and abused because he has scars on his legs and face, he is so loving he is like a giant baby. But he is extremely smart and absolutely loves riding in the car. I am extremely thankful for Petfinder because if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have found Cash and I am thankful for Teacher's Pet Rescue for allowing me to adopt him. He is the best dog we could ever ask for.

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