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Adopted from Eskies Online American Eskimo Dog Rescue, New York, NY.

Denise Gareau and I drove to Lancaster, PA to pick up 2 dogs transported from an out of state puppy mill. DeeDee, an American Eskimo and Charlie, a Chihuahua came to us Dec 15, 2012. They didn't have names when they arrived, just a metal chain and an ID # on it. Denise took the Chihuahua since no other group stepped up to take him when these dogs were transported from the puppy mill to be saved from death. DeeDee came to live with me and she taught me a lot during our time together. DeeDee was afraid of everything and everyone. I had to take things at her pace. I could not rush her and this is what she taught me - patience and letting her progress on her own time. She was afraid outside and inside the house. She did bond with me quickly and learned to trust me. Her first milestone was getting used to being outside. She decided she liked it very much but the first week it took us 30 minutes just to walk 4 houses and back since she was terrified of the normal noises and sights in the residential neighborhood. Having another female Eskimo foster dog also helped DeeDee tremendously. She bonded with Sasha so I always had them together, this helped DeeDee learn normal dog behavior. Sasha loved to play and ran after balls and toys all day long. I was thrilled when DeeDee picked up her first dog toy and played with it. She also became housetrained with the help of Sasha and our dog Happy. Since she was here during the holidays, she used to stay behind the Christmas Tree in our family room, it became her safe place. Even though we had such a special bond, she never got used to my teenage son. So I knew it was best to find her a forever home without children. My son is a typical teenage boy who likes to play video games and his movements and loud play frightened her. Also, trauma from the puppy mill could explain her dislike of my son. We posted DeeDee on our website and a suitable couple from Maine called our director Denise to inquire about DeeDee. I also spoke with the couple extensively about DeeDee and they decided they wanted to adopt her. This would be the first dog they even got through a rescue, they had always used a breeder before this. Denise transported DeeDee to Maine and she is one of our success stories along with Charlie the Chihuahua. He went to a single woman who has nutured him and he has blossomed in her care. DeeDee's new mom said she never had such a fulfilling bond as she has with DeeDee. Her owner can't wait to get home each day and be with her girl. DeeDee has changed her life and my life too. Its almost a year now since that day in December we got up early to drive over to Pennsylvania to meet the transport of dogs along with so many other rescue groups. I've fostered hundreds of dogs over the last 12 years but none have been as challenging and rewarding as my special time with DeeDee. I knew I had to let her go so she could have the happiest life she deserved. People question me how I can give up the dogs I've grown to love. I know that the home we pick is the best home for each dog, better than the life I could give them plus if I keep my foster dogs then I can't help the next one that needs to be rescued from a sad situation. So I must thank all the people who have adopted dogs from our rescue group over the last 15 years. Without people willing to give rescued dogs a chance at a new life, we can't help the unfortunate dogs who need to get out of shelters or be re-homed. DeeDee is on the left and her friend Sasha on the right.

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