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Adopted from South Suburban Humane Society, Chicago Heights, IL.

After our beloved wonderful pit Jack died from jaw cancer back in 2012 my boyfriend and I felt there was a huge gap that opened up in our hearts, souls and lives. Ever time I would come home, open the door, I missed his bark, waging tail and loving eyes. Since he was adopted by my boyfriend first, I saw a huge change in our relationship. It felt as if with Jack passing , our relationship crumbled a little bit as well. Maybe because there was nobody to take care of, the loss and the emptiness, my boyfriend started going out more, hanging out with friends at the bars, just sort of looked lost or maybe it was his coping with the loss of a dear friend and I was just silently experiencing the changes. Then year later we decided we could not take the empty house anymore. We wanted a "family" again. I started going trough countless pages on Petfinder.com since we do not advocate dog breeders/ puppy stores. My search radius was 100 miles, profile of a new dog was "shaggy, sweet , playful boy" . Dax's profile said "small breed , not recommended for families with kids less than 8 years old" , his face with a few whiskers, naughty eyes said "take me, I am a trouble maker, but I will love you to death" . I went to see him, then then next day my boyfriend made a trip to the suburbs and Dax was on the way to our house. He is a true troublemaker who chewed all my summer shoes, has obsession with wires ( don't leave him in a car to run to the grocery store, he will chew trough your phone charger in no time) , but he is the biggest lover. We were told he was German shepherd/collie mix but to be honest, we think he is a little bit of everything . From small whiskers he started growing hair in all places and grew to a small Labrador size. Dax brought us piece, love and joy back in the house. He is the friendliest dog in the neighborhood and is becoming smarter and smarter every day. I wish people would choose petfinder to search for their companions, give homes to the ones who really need it. Love, Liv, Brandon and Dax

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