Freya and Loki - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Cat

Adopted from Frederick County Animal Control, Frederick, MD.

My last cat, Misty, passed away September 2012 and I had her for 14 years from the time she was a kitten. She had kidney problems and had to be put to sleep which was an extremely hard thing to do and I still miss her today. For months after that, I kept saying I will never get another animal because it is to hard when you lose them and to painful for me but being single, I knew I wanted another companion so about April 2013, I started looking for another cat. I wasn't sure if I wanted a kitten or cat and if I wanted a male or female (my 14 year old was a female) so I looked on to see what was available. I visited my local animal control several times and looked and I wanted to take them all home but knew I couldn't. Months went by and I still couldn't commit to getting a cat. Then in September, one year after Misty passed, I found these adorable kittens brother and sister. At first, I wanted just one and Note (the name given to her by animal control) was cute and seemed like the perfect kitten so I went out and put in an application for her. I felt bad leaving her brother behind and I knew she would need a playmate to keep her company while I worked and when I found out I was allowed to adopt 2, I got her brother too. I was able to pick them up a few days later and so glad I made the decision to get them. They have brought so much joy into my life. They will never replace Misty nor do I think I will ever stop missing her but they will be a new chapter in my life one that will make me laugh and smile and some times get frustrated (anyone who has ever had a kitten knows the trouble they can get into) but one that will give them unconditional love, all the food and treats they could ask for, and a safe and happy environment. They have been with me about a month now and seem to fit in quite well. Both have been renamed and the name fits. He is now called Loki and is very mischievous and she is called Freya and is like a small delicate flower. I am happy I made the decision to adopt them and give them a loving home.

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