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Waggles/Ronnie - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from Gallatin County Animal Shelter, Sparta, KY.

My fiancee is a dog lover and a big advocate for Pitbulls. One day she says she wants to volunteer at a shelter. So I recommend the shelter in my town since I know they're always needing help. I love cats, so I figured I'd go with her and see the cats. We get there, we walk in, I see the cats, she gets ready to do whatever they are having her do and I decide I want to see the dogs before I leave her to her duties. I walk down the aisle between the cages, it's loud in there. All the dogs are going nuts, since someone new is there to them. I'm not even looking to adopt, I just like seeing the animals and giving them attention. But I see this one german shepherd mix, he's quiet, wiggling something fierce cause his tail is going crazy. I didn't even think. I just fell in love with this dog. His personality was what caught me in an instant. I had to have him. I looked at him and said, "I'll be back, buddy." I wasn't even prepared to even have a dog. I'm more of a cat guy and I wasn't even ready to adopt. But my feelings got the best of me when I seen this guy. I talked to the lady there, she said "Waggles" had been there for six months. I felt even more obligated to take him. She warned me of his food aggression and how he's been brought back several times. This worried me. So I decided to think on it and come back. I left, decided I'd keep him at my house, and came back immediately to get him. The lady was surprised and even waived the adoption fee so I could take him. I've had him for six months. His name is Ronnie now. I've never had a problem with him. He's the best dog a person could ask for. He even loves his pitbull brother, who he has gotten along with ever since they first met. I don't how anyone could have left this fellow in a shelter.

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