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Adopted from Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA, San Mateo, CA.

Indy was the dog no one wanted. According to what little we know a year prior to the adoption he was surrendered to animal control and into a high kill shelter in the central valley, then rescued at the last minute by a rescue group. Who had in turn dumped him in a San Mateo (near San Francisco) Shelter nearly a year later. His intake paperwork indicate he was under weight, sported a patch on his rear where he'd licked and gnawed himself raw, and so frighten that the vets initially thought he had hip trouble as he never stood up. By the time we met him he'd been at the shelter for 2 months.

Honestly he wasn't the dog we were looking for. He was 8 years old, with kid and cat restrictions, and completely withdrawn. He wouldn't play, look at us when petted, and didn't act like he wanted to interact with us. I could see it in the staff member's eyes when she returned that it was another meet and greet Indy had failed. But it was near Christmas and my then girlfriend (now wife) wanted to get me a dog to combat my perennial Christmas blues. So we said what the heck it's him or the wonder friendly dog mauling Lab, and we'd have to make another trip for the mauler.

Early on we knew we had something special. His refresher on house training consisted of raising his leg and being told no, he was sweet and gentle, quiet, wouldn't even take food off the coffee table, great with other dogs. It took a 3-4 days to warm to us, but he soon was following us room to room, and visiting regularly for pets. It's been effort as well it took years to rebuild Indy from the ground up. Learning to walk on leash, not react to bikes or cars, climb stairs, play, enjoy himself at the beach, and convince him an unexpected touch or accidental hitting him with my foot wasn't the start of a beating. Today my wife calls him Prom King dog, because people are always so taken with him. Adults, kids, and even non dog people love him. His white coat has lost it's stains, and become wondrously soft. He likes to walk up to people and stand next to them as if to say go ahead pet me it's what I'm here for.

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