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Adopted from craigslist.

About five years ago, I was thinking about adopting a cockatoo. I usually don't deal with, but I saw an umbrella 'too advertised who sounded perfect. The woman who owned her was moving from a house to an apartment, and 'toos are NOT apartment pets. Though the actual rehoming was traumatic for everyone (this was one LOVED bird), It took "Baby," renamed "Abby," only a day or two to begin to bond with me. Now I can't imagine life without her. Unlike many cockatoos, she knows how to keep herself occupied in or on her cage, though she does love a good cuddle while I'm watching tv or working on my laptop. I discovered how strongly she feels about me when I had to spend 6 weeks away from home for educational purposes a couple of summers ago, and decided to board Abby and Willie the macaw at a trusted shelter/rescue--my petsitter is great with birds, but her time every day is limited and 6 weeks is a long stretch. During my time away, the rescue told me that Abby was eating, drinking, came out of her cage, but seemed sad and depressed. Willie came from that shelter and knew all the people; for him it must have seemed like a vacation visit! The day I picked my pets up after coming home, I snuck into the shelter's bird room very quietly. The minute Abby saw me, she screamed, "ABBY!" at the top of her little lungs. Even after years with me, she still refers to herself as "Baby" most of the time, so her choice of name at that moment was HUGE. I was crying as I gave her a big, big hug. Best thing about having a companion bird? Walking down the stairs at 4:30 a.m. in pjs and bedhead, and having a quiet voice from the dark say, "You're beautiful! I love you!"

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