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Adopted from IMPS - Internet Miniature Pinscher Service Inc. - , Birmingham, AL.

I had been thinking of getting a dog for a few months and finally decided the time was right. Before that I had briefly looked on a few times, but not seriously. That evening though I began my search in earnest. I knew I wanted a small inside dog, but that was about all. But within 30 minutes I had found Bean. He was a four year old Min Pin and the cutest thing I had ever seen. I knew from the minute I saw his picture he was the one for me. I cooed over his pictures and obsessed over every detail given about him. I immediately put in an application. I did continue to look a little after that, knowing that getting him wasn't a guaranteed thing; even going as far as to go and meet one. But I knew that Bean was the dog for me. In the meantime I had been contact by IMPS and set up a home check. After that was over I finally got to meet Bean. I had to drive to Atlanta where he was being fostered (from Birmingham), but that was okay with me. After meeting him I was even more assured that I had made the right decision. Bean had had a hard life, but he was so happy and spunky you could hardly tell it. He was all over me immediately. I took him that day and have had a happier life ever since. He has been a blessing to everyone who meets him, especially me.

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