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Marco - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from Northwoods Humane Society, Wyoming, MN.


my name is Brooke Imm and this is my story about how I found my family our match made in heaven. In the summer of 2009 I was staying with my aunt who fostered dogs for the Northwoods Humane Society; and was helping her with her newest foster. After seeing over a dozen dogs come through and help take care of them I was surprised I never got attached to one. That all changed in 2008 when my dog Tasha died; my family had been searching for a new dog to help us all fill that special spot. There seemed to be only one requirement for the new puppy... it had to be a Samoyed! Back to my aunt's house. Soon as the little mutt jumped out I fell in love with his welcoming and yet familiar face. As my aunt brought him inside she was telling us his details. He was 7 months, neglected, his old name was Diablo, and then the biggest thing came next... he was a Samoyed/Sheltie/Collie mix!! My cousin and I played with him and the other dogs all day; which only lead me to fall in love with this crazy ball of fur even more. I knew I would have to leave tomorrow after my mom came and dug up the saplings she wanted. I put all the love I could into this little pup in the time I had. My parents came the next to get the trees but that proved to be more work than they anticipated. Slowly the puppy won over my dad by showing him his lovable but more dumb goof-ball side. As my cousin and I played hide & seek with the dog I suddenly thought of a more fitting name... MARCO! He seemed to like too (but now we find out he does NOT like water ;)). My mom just had to see how much this little pup had already taken our hearts to realize he was already part of the family. The next my mom took me to the grocery store to get "Food" but the food we got was for a dog. In the parking lot I was told to my dismay that even though we were adopting him we had to wait a few days to get everything settled. The fact that still shocks everyone today is that Marco was only at my aunts for two days. He still lives with us today but he has brought so much to our family I don't know what we would have done without him!

That is my miracle adoption story!

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