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Hi! Im Meow Meow. I'm going to tell you my story! Well, I was born into a very abusive family. Until one day my human mama threw me out side of her house saying very mean things. While she threw me I got very dirty and one of my paws broke! :( I was limping to the grocery store when the owner of the store put me in a box, and put FREE KITTEN! I was saved! one wanted me because I was dirty..and my paw had blood on it :( Ouch! Until, one day.. while I was sleeping..I woke up..but not at all in the same place! I was in the hospital and there was a bandage wrapped around my paw! I looked up to see a new owner looking down at me. My new Mama Kathrine! She was so nice to me and fed me and played with me until she had to take me home where I slept in her nice warm bed. I loved Mama Kathrine! But, one day.. Mama Kathrine had to move far away because she got a new job :( So she gave me to her boss, Pauline. I missed mama Kathrine sooo much! I cryed like a waterspout every day!! But, Momma Pauline had other kitties, My brothers and sisters!! :) (Brylene , Toodles, and Jeck) Every once and a while Momma Kathrine visits..but I still miss her so much :(But,, I love being with mama Pauline and my brothers and sisters :) I wouldnt trade it for being by my self! :) Well thank you for hearing my story..I hope you learn..DONT BE MEAN TO KITTIES :( Like they were to me. :,./ Well, thats it..Bye!

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