Finnegan - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from Carrollton Animal Adoption Center, Carrollton, TX.

We had recently lost our beloved 14 year old dachshund to rectal cancer. We were devastated, but no one so much as my 2 year old daughter. She seemed to handle it well at first but became increasingly agitated over time asking when Maddy was coming home.

Finally, she started asking for a new dog to be her friend. We looked on, using the special searches because we needed a dog good with small children, cats, and other dogs. The Carrollton shelter showed up with lots of smaller dogs that looked promising. We took my daughter to the shelter, all the way across the city, to look at dogs. After walking past nearly every kennel without showing any interest, we got to Finn's (formerly Baxter) kennel. My daughter started yelling "new dog, new friend, open door." Finn just sat there and wagged his tail while she screamed and cried. It turned out that he wasn't available yet. We had to wait 3 days for him to come off hold and be neutered before he could come home.

A week and a half later I could not imagine a better friend for my daughter or companion for our 15 year old rat terrier. He has integrated perfectly with our family and can't imagine life without our Finnegan.

Thank you, Petfinder. Without you we never would have found him.

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