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Beaky and Pearl - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Bird

Adopted from Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, Indian Trail, NC.

I am so thankful to Petfinder and Carolina Waterfowl Rescue helping me add to the family by adopting my two rescue cockatiels! Before adopting, I had two male cockatiels. Merlin lost his mate a few years back and Mellow D provided friendship and a sense of comfort. While Merlin was happy having a buddy, I know he really longed for a new companion. When I learned that there were possibly two rescued female cockatiels available, I was more than thrilled! That night, I told them that they might both be getting companions and, before going to bed, I noticed that one of them had lifted up the cage door as if to say that the door was open with welcome arms! Of course, I think it was Merlin since he is a magician of sorts. When I brought Pearl and Beaky home, there was an instant sense of peace as if they'd been part of the family for quite some time. No one seemed to even notice that one of them had a severely overgrown beak. Merlin and Mellow D just adore their new companions and sing them songs of approval each day. I have since had Beaky's beak trimmed, and it just fills my heart with joy in knowing that all the birds are happy and that Beaky can now eat properly and live a comfortable life. Than you, Carolina Waterfowl Rescue and Petfinder, for making my family's Christmas wishes come true!

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