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Adopted from The Critter Corral Guinea Pig Rescue, Steger, IL.

Calico Jack, then named Larry, came from a home of 14 senior guinea pigs who lost their home when their owner passed away. I had been thinking about getting my younger guinea pig a friend when the Critter Corral sent out an e-mail about these seniors. I have worked with Critter Corral in the past and thought I could help one of these guys. So I contacted Critter Corral and told them I could offer one piggy retirement. I told them my pet situation and let them decide who would best fit in my environment.

Initially a different piggy was chosen but he became very ill before I was able to pick him up. So it was then suggested that I adopt Larry. I viewed pictures of him on Petfinder and, of course, he was adorable. I adopted him.

When he came to me, he was severely underweight, had sores on his foot and his back, was losing chunks of fur attached to skin, missing a few nails with the others overgrown, and blind in one eye. And still he was mellow and wonderful at lap time. Because he is blind in one eye and black, white, and orange my sister decided he needed a pirate name and thus he became Calico Jack, Jack for short.

Jack still has a little ways to go but he has put on weight, stopped losing hair, his sores have gone away and he seems much happier overall. With his voracious appetite and easygoing personality I have no doubt he will continue to thrive and enjoy his retirement to the fullest.

AS for the other guinea pigs who came from that home, many of them are still awaiting their retirement and many more from other situations are waiting for their forever homes. Pigtures of all the guinea pigs at the Critter Corral can be seen on the Petfinder Web site.

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