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Adopted from James River Humane Society, Jamestown, ND.

Nearly four years ago, my husband and I married. We had six children between us and really thought it would be great to adopt a dog. We saw a few online that we were interested in. One of them was Olive. She was a seven-month-old Pit Bull cross. When we visited her in the shelter she didn't bark wildly for our attention instead she just walked up and kind of leaned into my husband's hand. She was so sweet, we decided to bring her home. She's been a GREAT family dog. So many people are afraid of pitbulls, but like any dog, so much of it has to do with how you raise them. Olive loves to love on all the kids, she snuggles with our kitten, and is afraid of our great big tomcat and vacuum cleaners and brooms. And if you tell her something she doesn't like, she will sit with her back turned to you, huff and give you dirty looks over her shoulder! She has added much joy and humor to our household!!

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