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Adopted from One Step Closer to Home, Dyersburg, TN.

I was looking to add a new pet to my family and decided to opt for a rescue. I really wanted a smaller dog, a cuddle buddy. I looked through small dogs close to me and saw Crystal. It was love at first sight. I kept looking at her for a few days and finally figured it couldn't hurt to find out more about her. Jill, the founder of One Step Closer to Home, emailed me back and told me I was welcome to come meet her anytime. On a Saturday night I went to see her, and after I had trouble finding the house, Jill met me outside with this adorable little fluffball following behind her. Jill told me her story, and it was really sad. Crystal was a breeder surrender, who had spent most of her life in a cage and hadn't had much human contact. That little face just pulled on my heartstrings. For over an hour, I sat in the car cuddling with her. I finally decided to get her. Signing on the dotted line sealed the deal. On the ride home, she sat in my lap watching the scenery go by. Getting her home, she walked in like she owned the place: tail wagging and an adorable little doggy smirk on her face. That night she jumped up on the bed and curled up at the end, like she was supposed to be there. After five years of being in a cage, no more bars blocked her anymore. She has finally found her forever home.

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