Daisy Lou - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from Town and Country Shelter Rescue, TX.

In April of 2006, I'd just closed on my first home and felt that it was finally the right time to adopt. I'd be praying for years about adopting a dog, but always had some concern. I was so excited that I was finally completely ready!

I searched for exactly what I was looking for on Petfinder- a senior, smaller breed, a special need- I just wanted a dog to love, not to play Frisbee with, so an older dog that needed special attention seemed like the perfect fit for me.

And then I saw Daisy and knew instantly that she was the one I'd been praying for. She had been picked up by animal control as a stray and was rescued just in time. I called the number and Shelley, the sweet lady at the rescue society, agreed that I would be a good home for her. I took her Petfinder picture and emailed everyone I knew to tell them about my newest family member . When I couldn't access her page, I worried that something had happened and called Shelley in a panic. She explained that she removed the listing because I was adopting her, not because anything was wrong. And she didn't even tease me for my paranoia!

That Saturday, I drove to pick up my baby girl. She has been the biggest blessing in my life ever since. Although she has a crate with a bed in it, a couch, my bed and a million other soft places to lie, as I type this, she sleeps at my feet beneath my computer and I had to get her a pillow so she wouldn't be on the cold wood floor. She delights me with everything she does.

I am grateful for this service and introducing me to my little girl whom I love crazy much. Thanks for bringing her home.

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