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Adopted Dog

Adopted from Peoria Animal Welfare Shelter, IL.

After 24 years of marriage and with our youngest child about to go off to college, I wasn't ready to let go of my "mommy nurturing", so my husband agreed to our getting a dog. Several times a day for months I checked the Petfinder website. One morning a picture of "Squeekers" caught my eye, and I knew I had to see her, so I took my neighbor with me to PAWS. Squeekers was very scared and underweight, but she sat on my lap as I softly spoke to her and told her I'd come back to take her to her forever home. I adopted her that day, and two days later took my family to meet her. Since she had to be spayed, we couldn't bring her home until May 6th. We happily found out that she was house trained and loved going bye-bye in the car and on walks. She now weighs12 lbs., and as part of our family, she will have all the love and attention she can stand! Squeekers is the PERFECT dog for us!

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