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Daisy - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Daisy, a dog
Adopted from Calhoun County Animal Shelter, Battle Creek, MI

Daisy - posted 02/22/2007

From Heidi of Eastpointe, MI

I first saw Daisy on Petfinder. Within the two years previous to seeing Daisy I had to euthanize my two other dogs, one was 20 years old and the other 15.

I kept thinking about how hard it was when the dogs got old for them and me and it was a lot of work at the end. I wasn't sure I wanted another dog at first because I knew it was a lifelong commitment and it is a responsibility. But when I saw Daisy on Petfinder I started reminding myself of all the great years I had before my dogs grew old. I couldn't quit thinking about her cute little face and found myself going to the website regularly to see if she was still there. I called the shelter several times to grill them about Daisy and her personality. I wanted to make sure that I had a dog my nieces and nephews could love as much as me and one that would be gentle, yet playful. I drove 3 hours to the Shelter to meet Daisy and took her home that afternoon. The shelter said Daisy was shy at first in their listing, but this dog has never been shy and she certainly wasn't shy when I met her. I'm thankful they put that in their comments because it probably kept Daisy there long enough for me to find her!!

I've had Daisy since May 5 and I still talk about her every day with the same excitement as when I first brought her. She is perfect for me!

Everyone loves Daisy and she has play dates with many of my friends dogs. She also loves the dog park! She is so good with people and with kids and she's a quick learner. I could tell the shelter took good care of her and worked with her too. Just look at her silly face!

Pound Puppies are the Best! In fact, there is a little guy Teddy who is still there and has been there for over a year. He is crate trained and already knows how to fetch! He will be worth the trip for someone willing to make a little effort for many years of love!

Heidi Maglicic

Eastpointe, MI

Calhoun County Animal Shelter

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