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Aspen - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Aspen, a dog
Adopted from Stop the Suffering, Columbus, Akron, OH

Aspen - posted 02/01/2007

From Kathleen of Greenville, PA

Aspen is my favorite "grand doggie." My daughter Holly, a veterinarian and owner of Champion Animal Hospital in Warren, Ohio, had lost her beloved white German Shepard to complications of old age. As a dog lover, I often browse Petfinder site, and soon I found myself looking for another dog which would fill the void in my daughter's life. Then I saw Aspen. She was perfect! I contacted the rescue group and sent my daughter the information. Soon this wonderful rescue, Stop the Suffering, in Columbus, Ohio began corresponding with Holly. Aspen needed surgery to repair a problem with her leg, but Holly could do the needed surgery. Two caring rescue ladies drove 3 hours to Warren with Aspen. As soon as Holly did the necessary X-rays, she realized that Aspen's injuries were very severe and she would need to see an orthopedic specialist in Akron. She had a badly broken pelvis and broken leg which had healed incorrectly. Holly and I agreed to share the cost of this expensive surgery and she adopted Aspen. The surgery was such a success and Aspen was given a new chance for a wonderful life. She now outruns Holly's other 2 dogs! The 3 dogs are inseparable. Aspen has truly won all our hearts. In addition to finding a perfect home for Aspen, through Petfinder we have made some wonderful new friends in Columbus. We are so thankful that groups like Stop the Suffering are so successful in giving dogs like Aspen the opportunity to find loving homes. I am so happy I found Aspen for Holly!

Kathleen Ray

Greenville, PA

Stop the Suffering, Columbus

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