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Milo - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted from Apt manager-passed thru several people

Milo - posted 11/20/2013

From Amanda of Lewisville, TX

The first time I laid eyes on my sweet Milo he was,to my horror, accompanied by an enormous expired bag of the cheapest dog food one could find. He was so small and thin at around 4 lbs and had a wirey drab coat and mouth full of rotting teeth. When I took him it was only to help potty train him and find him a new home. I had a friend who loved animals and wanted him so I thought my work was done, but the minute she left I felt empty. That's normal I said, and the dog I had was so jealous of him. I was sick all the next day missing him so I called to check on him when I heard the hesitation in her voice I leaped to my feet and said I'm coming to get him! He's been mine all along! So I drove out even though it was late and got my baby. I held him and told him he'd be ours forever no matter what. And I meant it. He was so solemn in the beginning almost afraid to play and would run at the slightest sound. He seemed to be sick a lot, but after many vet visits, dental surgery and plenty of the healthiest food you can get he was a new dog! Even the vet said he was never so happy to hear a dog throw a fit! He didn't want to be there in the cage and he wasn't afraid to tell everyone! Before he just lay there afraid to make a sound. He gained weight and confidence. And this whole new personality came out! He was the funniest, most unique dog I've ever known. It's like he knew how to make you laugh. My husband and I work opposite shifts so the two dogs were hardly ever home alone, and he was always in someone's lap. He was so much like a person, he never wanted to get up in the mornings. So I'd carry him down to the yard let him potty and put him back to bed with my husband everyday. He loved car rides, car washes, sonic and the nail salon. My other dog was the dominate one and insisted on always being center of attention and he was ok with that. She could have the spot light while he'd quietly slip onto your lap and look into your eyes. Oh how I adored him, he was just like a baby, loved to be held and carried and told how sweet he was. The night be passed I remember it was cold so I took him out in my jacket giving him kisses and telling him how precious he was. He was so happy, even the night he died he was running around with that precious smile that showed a few missing pulled teeth. His heart just gave out in a second and he was gone. It was devastating. Even my vet teared up. He said he must of had a weak heart, but we had no previous medical history on him. But even in that pain I was so glad I had a chance to make his life happy and how he changed me. I would see his eyes in other people sometimes when someone needed help and I've never hesitated to do what I could for them in honor of him. He taught me how to love those who are weak and need help, that will forever stay in my heart even if he is gone. The photo is him when I first got him and two years later.

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