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Photo of Dudley, a dog
Adopted from TAPS No-Kill Animal Shelter, Pekin, IL

Dudley - posted 11/11/2013

From Rachel of Peoria, IL

I went to T.A.P.S for a few weeks in advance looking for the perfect furry friend to share my life. I found a beautiful dog I thought would be perfect.

After bringing her home I realized she would not work out with my room-mate's cat. I was brokenhearted.

I visited back a few times after returning her, even more apprehensive about bringing a friend home, not wanting to get another furry friend's hopes up.

But then I met Dudley. He was chubby, he was smelly, he looked a little funny... and I loved him. He immediately climbed up in my lap and licked me all over. I knew he was meant to be mine. Dudley and I immediately bonded, he became my shadow.

Dudley and I have been through some very rough times together. I was in an abusive relationship for quite some time. When that ended it ended very violently. I escaped and fled. My attacker chased me, leaving the front doors to my home wide open. As I was giving my statement to the troopers I began to panic, thinking my precious Dudley has ran off.

I refused to go any further until someone went back and retrieved him. When the officer came back I was worried he would be empty handed. As he opened the door to the office I could hear Dudley's cries, he charged me and curled up in my lap, licking my face and whining.

Later the Officer took me aside and told me I had a wonderful dog and I should be thankful. When he pulled up to my house and got out of his car to approach the doors they were wide open. Dudley was in the doorway growling and barking but never set foot outside of the doorway. He said as soon as Dudley could see he was a Police Officer he ran to him and cried and whined the whole ride to me.

I have never felt a love as great as I feel for Dudley. In my recovering and therapy he's been my biggest motivator, and my best friend. For a long time he was my only reason to get out of bed.

I can't thank TAPS enough for bringing us together. I didn't save Dudley's life he saved mine.

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