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Adopted from Friendship Animal Protective League, Elyria, OH

Sugar - posted 09/25/2013

From Randy of Lorain, OH

My happy tail story goes back to 2000 when my wife& a neighbor set out to adopt a new 4 legged friend. Although this story has a sad ending :( I still want to tell you about it.

She was a mix breed part Sheppard & beagle. When I found her she was just a puppy and the quietest one in the cage. She looked so scared & alone with her brothers & sister I just thought to myself she was the one that I wanted. My wife & our friend asked me several times if I was sure I wanted her & OH! boy was I sure. After 13 years and surviving 2 cancer surgeries one in 2011 another in 2012 both to her neck/jaw area we thought for sure she was in the clear; we were wrong in February 2013 we noticed another growth again on her neck/jaw area and a rather large growth on her back. Our vet asked if we wanted to do surgery again and we thought no let her live out her life. The cancer got so bad on her back/spine that it was eatting away at her muscles in her rear legs. After almost a week of carrying her up & down the steps from our bedroom to outside 3-4x a day we thought we were doing her more harm then good. In mid August 2013 we had our13 year old friend & companion put to sleep.

She now sits atop our dresser. My wife and I made her a promise when we die she will go with us in the casket.

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