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Molly - posted 09/22/2013

From Michelle of Salem, OH

I watched the ads daily for the pet section. Dave said "No dogs" but I could dream. Then one day in February of 1997 there was an ad totally different than most, naming numerous breeds and ending by saying, "Save a life. God will bless you."

I was curious and what could it hurt to just call the number. I knew I couldn't get a dog. A lady answers the phone and asks where I live. When I tell her she tells me that I am close to the county dog pound and that I'd have time to get there to save a life. Its Wendesday afternoon and they euthanize on Thursday mornings.

By the time I got off the phone I was scrambling to get my purse and telling my little boy, Dustin, to hurry because we had to get to the pound before they closed. We looked at the dogs who we're jumping on the cages as if pleading, "Take me" but it just wasn't right. Then we looked at puppies who I could only imagine were going to be huge when they grew up.

As I was passing the cages to leave in disappointment I caught a shaggy black dog huddled against the wall shivering. It was her. She is what I came for.

The dog warden shook his head but I wanted her. She was supposed to be put down the next day and I wasn't going to let that happen.

She was very sick so I took her to the vet who told me she was 1-2 years old. He also told me that I was being cruel by trying to save her. He said she was going to die anyways and that I was just prolonging her suffering.

Three months ago, at the ripe age of 18, I had to put my beloved and best friend to sleep. She was gentle and kind to the very end. I miss my Molly

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